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Production excellence

CAPPI benefits from a network of French manufacturers recognised for their expertise and industrial excellence.

Our products are made in France in collaboration with a network of partners selected for their expertise and industrial excellence. This provides you with a guarantee of reliability and supply security, innovative cost-saving solutions, quality and compliance in line with the latest regulations.

CAPPI has absolute control over the entire production process:
we own the moulds, machines and tools used by our manufacturers. 

A complete range of techniques and materials

This organisation allows us to deliver innovative solutions to customers who present us with highly complex challenges. CAPPI’s added value lies in its ability to combine the various technical and/or material competencies of its network of partner manufacturers to develop a product that meets your needs exactly. This has been our strength since we began operating in 1996. 

  • Flow pack: retains shape after freezing and competitively priced
    Foam block
  • Bagging: single-use, competitively priced and food grade certified
    Flexible gel pack
  • Injection moulding: mass-production with high mechanical resistance
    Plastic container
  • Blow moulding: hollow and rigid body, various filling options
    Eutectic plate
  • Expansion moulding: excellent value for money and thermal performance
    Medium polystyrene box
  • Thermoforming combined with polyurethane injection: reusable and thermal performance
    Thermoformed container
  • Hot wire cutting: adapted to small production runs
    Extruded polystyrene kit