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A new visual identity for a trusted brand

At CAPPI, we’re bouncing back after lockdown with a new visual identity as we approach 25 years in business.

Why are we changing our visual identity?
With CAPPI turning 25 in 2021, the time has come to re-establish our position on the market as a trusted brand that is able to meet the production needs of our clients in France and all over Europe, from pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers to pharmaceutical wholesalers/distributors and the food industry.


What's the message behind our new visual identity? 
Our logo incorporates our acronym and company name, drawing on a specific colour palette: red for performance and grey for innovation.


- The acronym provides a clear outline of the work we do at CAPPI and highlights our extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing for even the most demanding customers. 


- The typography conveys the image of a reliable, organised and solid partner you can rely on for a lasting business relationship.


What's the meaning behind the new signature?

The PACKAGING FOR LOGISTICS signature, created with our customers and markets in mind, highlights our irrefutable expertise in providing packaging solutions that are adapted to the challenges of the logistics sector.