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New: VIP isothermal container

For the specific needs of pharmaceutical wholesalers, CAPPI has designed a large-sized isothermal container meeting strict mechanical and thermal requirements.

The result of extensive research and testing by the experts at CAPPI, this VIP isothermal container was developed to provide wholesalers with a solution for the transport of controlled-temperature products that exceed the “usual” sizes. This large container offers considerable advantages in terms of solidity and performance.


Solidity :
- The container’s exterior is made of expanded polypropylene, a shape-memory material. If the container falls on the floor, the material absorbs the shock and resumes its original shape.
- The inside of the container accommodates a protective shell made of plastic.
- The container is grey coloured and has stainless steel handles.


Performance :
- The container is made of a highly insulating material using vacuum insulated panels (VIP) technology. The vacuum insulated panels makes it possible to reduce the container’s wall thickness and therefore increases its effective capacity.
- The eutectic plates contain a liquid that changes phase at +5°C: regardless of the outside temperature, your products can be in contact without the risk of the temperature falling below +2°C.


Outer dimensions: 600 x 400 x 350 mm (suitable for pallet packing)
Inner dimensions: 438 x 237 x 188 mm
Inner volume: 20 litres
- Sold with a storage system for eutectic plates to optimise pre-packaging time.
- The CAPPI isothermal container has AFNOR NF S 99 700 qualification for 48-hour use.
- Qualification for 24-hour use with a reduction in cooling sources and weight is possible.


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