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Investing in future 

CAPPI is investing in the construction of a new Test and Innovation Center to offer you even more effective packaging solutions for the transport of temperature-controlled products. This marks another milestone in our development in France and Europe.

For over 20 years, CAPPI has been designing, testing and manufacturing customized packaging solutions for temperature-controlled products. As our customers - pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacturers, pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors, same as the agri-food industry - are demanding professionals to whom we always provide the best, we have decided to invest in the construction of a new Test and Innovation Centre. 


Started in September, this project will supplement and enhance our existing pool of environmental test chambers with the addition of two very large chambers (10.7m3) to test isothermal packaging for pallet transport. This new thermal test centre will test and confirm the quality of all isothermal packaging, big and small, designed for you. 


Other new, state-of-the-art equipment will be installed such as : 

- a device to measure the thermal conductivity of all insulators 
to optimize our tests 

- a highly advanced control system to continuously measure and control the temperatures of the test centre and all equipment 


Our Test and Innovation Centre will be housed in a new 600 m² extension of our French headquarter in Auxerre, Burgundy. Its showroom, work and meeting spaces will make it easier to welcome you and to meet your requirements for customized, high-performance packaging solutions.