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Investing in future 

CAPPI is investing in the construction of a new Test and Innovation Center to offer you even more effective packaging solutions for the transport of temperature-controlled products. This marks another milestone in our development in France and Europe.

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2019, a big step forward!

CAPPI ends the year 2018 in style with a commercial development that has continued in France and Europe.
2019 promises to be a year of acceleration of our overall activities as part of our European growth strategy.

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An isothermal pouch for patients

CAPPI has designed an innovative packaging solution that patients can use to preserve temperature-sensitive medication during transport.

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CAPPI is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

CAPPI has been a family adventure for 20 years. To mark this milestone, CAPPI is inviting its customers and partners to an evening of celebration on 8 September at the Hostellerie des Clos in Chablis. 

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