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Jacques de Michieli, founder CAPPI
Jacques de Michieli, founder CAPPI
CAPPI, creates packaging solutions

For 20 years, CAPPI has been designing, testing and manufacturing customized packaging solutions for temperature-controlled products.

Building on our long-standing expertise in industrial technologies and processes for plastics, we design, test and manufacture customized packaging solutions for temperature-controlled pharmaceutical and food products. This very specific positioning drives our growth.

Our customers are demanding professionals who achieve success with us in three key markets: pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and the food industry.

CAPPI is a long-term, reliable partner capable of meeting the highest standards of thermal performance, quality and profitability on the market. 

  • Our strength comes from our business model built on a unique structure
    Thomas De Bie
  • CAPPI has always cultivated its ability to think outside the box
    Estelle de Michieli-De Bie
  • Innovation is about constantly improving
    Vincent Létendart
    consultant - engineer
  • Our manufacturers share the CAPPI philosophy 100%
    Stéphane Margizian
    technical and subcontracting manager
  • Our first duty to customers is ensuring their satisfaction
    Martine de Michieli
    administrative officer
  • We use our quality approach to boost performance
    Vincent Gomez
    quality technician
Our values

CAPPI develops solutions for its customers, partners and employees based on five core values: innovation, trust, freedom, customer satisfaction and service.